Ron Starr is our veteran agent, having started in the insurance business in 1973. He has probably forgotten more about insurance than the rest of us will ever learn. He's managed to retain a lot of knowledge, though, and as he is fond of saying, "I still learn something new in this business every day."
Bill Runge joined the agency in 1999, and is now our second senior agent. Having a lot of personal experience with the farming life has helped him gain knowledge of farm insurance. He also handles a significant part of our commercial insurance business--actually, a significant part of all our business!
The brains of the operation, Carol Drees wears the hats of office manager, bookkeeper, customer service representative, and doer-of-whatever-somebody-needs-done-yesterday! She's been with Starr-Buckow since 2003.
LaRae Endorf is our senior customer service representative and claims processor extraordinaire. She also spends more time than should be necessary keeping the agents in line. She started with us in late 2004.
If it has to do with managing the crop insurance, Karie Buchli handles it. It's a big (and often thankless) job that has kept her plenty busy most of the time since 2005; however, Karie handles every other aspect of the CSR gig just as ably.
Barry Schwab rang in the new year of 2010 by starting a new career with us as an agent-in-training. Now licensed in almost every line of insurance there is, Barry has become the go-to guy for our growing health insurance business. 
A licensed agent since mid-2010, Brooke Schwab is no stranger to Starr-Buckow. Brooke represents the third generation of the Starr family, and she is making her mark by learning the business from front to back and inside out.